Night Runner


For Zack Thomson, the bizarre is commonplace. Living in a mental ward and surrounded by a host of strange characters, including Charlie, his wild and irrepressible best friend, and the beautiful but mysterious nurse Ophelia, Zack struggles to cope with an unusual illness that baffles all the local doctors.

Then one night, a crazy old man crashes a stolen police cycle through the front doors of the lobby to rescue Zack from an ancient and wicked evil. Zack soon finds himself thrust into an unfamiliar world of car chases, police hunts, teenage mayhem, girls and murder. After stumbling from one disaster to another, Zack must confront his parent’s killer and come to terms with the truth about himself, his illness, and the likelihood of finding love after death.

He’s orphaned, sick and living in the nut house. Life will never be this normal again.

Excerpts & Testimonials

“Night Runner is a fast paced page-turner, full of surprising twists and clever turns that’ll have you on the edge of your seat.”
—Alyson Noel, #1 New York Times–bestselling author of Evermore

“A fast-paced adventure with a funny, winning hero who is both your average teenage boy and something far more extraordinary. Max Turner has written a Gothic fantasy full of surprises – and bite!”
—Katherine Marsh, Edgar Award-winning author of The Night Tourist.

“A fast-paced struggle against fate that had me cheering for Zack at every turn of the page… Max Turner has created an exciting addition to the vampire genre that left me guessing and hoping every step of the way.”
—Brian Jones, author of Zombie Blondes.

“My name is Daniel Zachariah Thomson… and this is the story of how I died, twice.” So begins Night Runner, shortlisted for a Sunburst Award and an OLA Red Maple Award Honour Book.

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